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#IWANTBROWNIEHEAVEN & the #BrownieHeavenAngels

If you follow us on Twitter @brownieheaven we've been running a weekly draw to win a different box of brownies each week. We've been absolutely amazed by the response and the interarction.  Some tweets have been retweeted over 200 times, the biggest response came from reactions to the Brownie Heaven Scotch Creme Egg, which even Cadbury's retweeted.    The power of a Brownie Heaven dark chocolate brownie to inspire wonder and delight never fails to amaze. So much so that the viral effect on Twitter was helped along by a group of Brownie Lovers we are now calling the #BrownieHeavenAngels. It started with a simple picture. As we ask Tweeters to shout #IWANTBROWNIEHEAVEN.     The tweeting went on and...

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Winner of the Mother's Day Mountain

Thank you for all entries to our recent Mother's Day Mountain draw on facebook, we can announce the winner as:   Sara Bell    We drew 5 discount vouchers worth £7.50 each off any order over £20 to :   Louise Barrett Judi Luscombe Sarah Hill Sophie Bird Emma Spears   To collect your prizes please use the contact form on this website and we will email a voucher

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Brownie Heaven v's Cupcakes and other Cakery (Online Delivery Services)

The rise of the cupcake in the last 10 years has been stratospheric  ever since Magnolia Bakery in New York City was featured on Sex in the City the popularity has grown and grown. On looks alone the sophisticated Cupcake would win against the simple chocolate brownie. This battle is not just down to looks, it has a number of points to consider. Especially if ordering cakes online. So who would win?  1. How do they Travel? It all depends on your preference. Of course cupcakes are an amazing treat and can be the most amazing cakes to the eye. All that love an attention that is put in the decoration. However if you are considering the question and sending via...

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How Do You Like Your Steak?

What has steak got to do with Dark Chocolate Brownies? Well it's an easy question to answer  Blue Rare Medium Rare Medium Medium Well Well.  If asked this question you can normally answer quickly and easily. The best way is obviously the way you like it, what's is best for the steak is debatable.    However if I asked you How do you like your brownie? The question may take a little longer to answer? There are 3 brownie camps, pardon the pun: Cakey brownie  (a cake like fluffier brownie with more flour and a raising agent added and usually less chocolate)   Chewy brownie  (big crunch on the outside and chewy to taste with a rich chocolatey flavour)  ...

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Beautiful Brownie Heaven - .....you need to order some now!!!

Dan has been a customer of Brownie Heaven since before we even launched the website over 7 years ago, he's enjoyed the brownie on a regular lunch time basis for this amount of time. He is in fact an Ex-British Junior Body Building champion who now runs his own holistic and coaching studio in Beverley East Yorkshire and calls the Brownies Power Protein Pills. One of Dan's passions is creating videos with his iphone and he has created many hours of entertaining and thought provoking footage. On Tuesday I asked him to create one for Brownie Heaven and this is the Film Noir short video he came up with. We hope you enjoy the emotion:)

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