Brownie Heaven v's Cupcakes and other Cakery (Online Delivery Services)

The rise of the cupcake in the last 10 years has been stratospheric  ever since Magnolia Bakery in New York City was featured on Sex in the City the popularity has grown and grown. On looks alone the sophisticated Cupcake would win against the simple chocolate brownie. This battle is not just down to looks, it has a number of points to consider. Especially if ordering cakes online.

So who would win? 

1. How do they Travel?

It all depends on your preference. Of course cupcakes are an amazing treat and can be the most amazing cakes to the eye. All that love an attention that is put in the decoration. However if you are considering the question and sending via a website using a courier or postal service then the chocolate brownie will win every time. How can we be so certain on this? The brownie is definitely the best cake by post as the chocolate brownie is generally of solid construction (not much air) as opposed to all types of cakes which are light and airy and may be decorated delicately. The effect this has in the post is that a brownie will arrive in perfect condition. This cannot be guaranteed for the cupcake as the box is thrown around the postal system there is a chance no matter how the they are packaged that they will end up a little smashed if not completely squashed. If the brownie box is thrown around the system, the product will stand up to the heavy handedness as they are delicate little bites, but solid chunks of fudginess.

 We have first hand experience of this, we used to offer a cupcake service as part of Brownie Heaven, we offered Dark Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes with a Chocolate Cream toppings, the feedback about the taste was always fantastic. However we often received feedback that they had arrived looking slightly worse for wear.

We eventually decided to end the service as no matter what packaging we tried there would always still be problems. The cream would end up slightly skew whiff or the whole cake would be squashed. 

We used to supply brownies for a couple of internet based cupcake companies that unfortunately are no longer with us. This is a little evidence to prove that fact that cupcakes do not travel too well.

If cupcakes were hand delivered they may possibly win this point, however if you are looking for a product that looks as good as when it is originally packed then:


2. How do they TASTE?

Taste is a very subjective comparison and very much depends on the individual. If you prefer something light with a sugary creamy topping then the cupcake will win hands down. If you LOVE CHOCOLATE then clearly the brownie is the winner. The crunch followed by the gooey chocolaty middle is a match for any cake. The Dark Chocolate Brownie is indulgent, but there is no guilt. As Dan Norman of DNC Coaching and Training has said 'Brownie Heaven feels good for you!!!' Quite a claim but emotionally it does make you feel as though you actually eaten something and not just empty calories.  

If you needed a reminder of how the brownie looks then take a look at the picture. Of course this blog is more than a little biased.

However the post related to Cupcake and Brownie internet based delivery services. How do they taste in regards to this has also got to be considered. Or more correctly how do they taste after spending 24 hours or more within the postal service. Brownie Heaven is good for at least 3 weeks, and actually tastes better about ten days after baking as all the chocolaty flavours tend to develop. Of course the brownies do not always last this long!!! 

Brownie Heaven is made with the finest ingredients, amazing 70% Dark Belgium Chocolate and lots of LOVE which makes it a wonderful gift to receive as we believe you can taste the LOVE.

As we have said we are completely biased and most cupcakes will be great the next day in the post. We're going to call this round a draw but if you're into chocolate then Chocolate Brownies win everytime.


3. Which is the Most Convenient?

Gift services online are all about convenience. How quickly will the gift be delivered. Checking around plenty of other web based cake delivery services  which there are many, a few offer next day delivery. However the latest order time is 2pm. Also to receive the present next day there are extra courier service charges on top. The Brownie Heaven service offers free first class postage included in all their prices and if ordered before 3pm the brownies can be dispatched for next day delivery this can be categorically guaranteed if Special Delivery is selected. The service also allows a date for delivery to be selected. What makes these services extra convenient is that the person who is buying the gift can be in London and the recipient can be in Edinburgh (for example) and the customer knows that their loved one is going to receive a great gift just by pressing a couple of buttons. 

The Brownie Heaven website is also very quick to checkout with an industry leading shopping cart 'Shopify' used by some big Blue Chip retailers, this helps make the service extremely convenient, quick to order, quick to checkout and quick to deliver.


4. Which is the Best Value for Money?

We had a good search around the web the price of most cupcakes is around £24.95 + Postage which is a minimum of £2.95 this also applies to brownies the lowest price we could find was £12 plus post at £2.99. Brownie Heaven make the best brownie there is no doubt about that, it's crunchy it's Dark, it's gooey, it makes you feel good, it's full of love, it arrives quickly, it has many return customers, and it also is the best value at £15.95 for 8 including delivery and a hard constructed gift box it is the best value. 

BROWNIE HEAVEN wins on value for MONEY

Overall Brownie Heaven WINS

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