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personal baker!!!
We can bake any recipe of brownies
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Minimum order is
15 brownies or half a tray.

Here's Some Personal Bake Examples 

Pre-Cut Brownies

Strawberry Cheesecake Blondie

A delicious blondie swirled with fresh strawberry compote and cheesecake mix, sprinkled with crushed buttered digestives

Tray Bakes

Marshmallow & Salted Caramel Blondie

Not for the faint hearted we were asked to bake a blondie with a marshmallow topping and stuffed with salted caramel.

Bespoke Bakes

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Brownie

A brownie made entirely of Cadbury's Dairy Milk, and topped with more Dairy Milk

Pre-Cut Brownies

French Fancy Blondie

A blondie topped with a dollop of strawberry buttercream dipped in strawberry flavoured white chocolate.

Tray Bakes

Double Trouble

Two layers of oreo baked in a dark chocolate brownie with a layer of salted caramel

Bespoke Bakes

Double Decker Brownies

A brownie baked like a Cadbury's Double Decker Chocolate Bar

  •  Limited Only by Your Imagination
  •  Lead time 2 working days until dispatch
  •  Minimum Order Just 15 Brownies

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1518 reviews
Heaven in a Brownie!

Could cheesecake and brownie really go together that well?….

I can definitely say absolutely YES! These were gorgeous! As it’s been so warm we’ve been keeping them in the fridge and eating them straight from there (I don’t think we could wait for them to come to room temperature!!). These are fudgy and delicious and definitely more-ish and an incredible combination of sweet treats!!! I would recommend these 100%!

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Paula Devereaux
Bakewell Blondies

Sooo good , the best I ve ever tasted

'Snucker's' Brownie

Caramac & Cinnamon Swirl Twice Baked Blondies

Once again....fabulous

Absolutely divine