Winner of a Brownie Mounatin for Mother's Day Competition


The winner of the Brownie Mountain for Mother's Day is:

Becky Goodenough

Congratulations Becky can you email Brownie Heaven the address you require it delivering to?

The quality of ditties we thought were excellent.

This is the winner and it had 25 Votes there were some other entries with more votes but none were ditties, the quality of the others with lesser votes was also excellent. There's a lot of talent on that there facebook:

The people that make brownies with passion,
Cause mothers their children to ration,
From coffee shop to food fests then Beverley
They used Italian choc oh so cleverly.
Now mother need not hide the cake tin
If she just won their big brownie mountain!
She'd have no cause to fret
As all tastes are met,
The only decision she'd get
(It'd be hard I bet)
Is fizzy, dark choc or no gluten?

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