#IWANTBROWNIEHEAVEN & the #BrownieHeavenAngels

If you follow us on Twitter @brownieheaven we've been running a weekly draw to win a different box of brownies each week. We've been absolutely amazed by the response and the interarction. 

Some tweets have been retweeted over 200 times, the biggest response came from reactions to the Brownie Heaven Scotch Creme Egg, which even Cadbury's retweeted. 

Brownie Heaven Scotch Creme Egg


The power of a Brownie Heaven dark chocolate brownie to inspire wonder and delight never fails to amaze. So much so that the viral effect on Twitter was helped along by a group of Brownie Lovers we are now calling the #BrownieHeavenAngels. It started with a simple picture. As we ask Tweeters to shout #IWANTBROWNIEHEAVEN.



The tweeting went on and we christened Charlotte, Eileen and Chantelle (this group of angels work for and promote Rate My Placement a company that help Students get a placement within businesses they aspire to work in). We christened them the #BrownieHeavenAngels so the next photo that they sent us, blew us away!!! 



A great fun afternoon was had by all, and for all their effort and hardwork the Angels were rewarded with a box of mixed Brownies including the Brownie Heaven Scotch Eggs and a pack of Dark Chocolate Brownies.

When the box of Brownies arrived the following Monday we were treated to more photographs which gives a great description of the divine power of Brownie Heaven to bring happiness.



We think Charlotte quite likes the Brownie Heaven Scotch Creme Egg



And Eileen maybe a little partial too



We'd just like to say a big thank you to all three #BrownieHeavenAngels and we love the fact that you had so much enjoyment all from a little square of dark chocolate fudgy gooey stuff. We're looking forward to their next mission;o) 

To join in the fun just follow us at @brownieheaven and SHOUT OUT every Friday #IWANTBROWNIEHEAVEN


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