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Christmas Pudding Brownies = Chocolate Christmas Pudding

If you love Christmas Pudding and chocolate this may be the recipe for you, we're sharing our Christmas Pudding Brownie recipe so you can have a go at making them yourself.  This is an extremely boozy brownie mixture and involves soaking the fruit overnight in your spirit cupboard. Alternatively you could just get us to make the Christmas Pudding Brownies for you anywhere in Europe Ingredients 325g Dark Chocolate 175g Soft Brown Sugar 90g Flaked Almonds 170g Sultanas Currents and Raisins 80g Glacé Cherries 30g Chopped Mixed Candied Peel 50g Cocoa 200ml Guinness / Stout 50ml Rum 50 ml Brandy 25 ml Irish Whisky 4 Medium Eggs 150g Flour 250g Butter 1 teaspoon orange oil 1 teaspoon lemon oil 1 teaspoon...

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How to make White Nutella

Apparently White Nutella is a thing!! But it's not available in this country as yet, so what can you do until it becomes available?  Make it yourself. We currently make a version for use on our Kinder White Bueno Blondie and it's absolutely delicious and so simple to make. You'll need a food processor or coffee grinder. Ingredients 350g Roasted Peeled Hazelnuts 400g Condensed Milk 70g White Chocolate 1/2 tsp vanilla extract Drop of milk to thin if required   Method 1.  If you are using a food processor then add the hazelnuts and blitz on full power until the hazelnuts are as fine as they will go (using a food processor you will end up with a crunchy version)....

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What can I do with the Pumpkin flesh I've just carved?

It's that time again, when hundreds of thousands of pumpkins are carved and turned into lanterns to ward off those evil spirits. But what can you do with all that lovely pumpkin? You can of course turn it into soup? But what about Brownies? Even better what about Vegan brownies that are gluten free? We've added these to our menu, but we thought we'd share how to make them due to the large amount of pumpkins around. Here's the recipe (it's not exactly the same as the one we bake as it needs to remain a secret but this will produce a 40 x 20 cm of brownies that are pretty close) 1 Large Pumpkin  300g 70% Dark Chocolate  250g...

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Delicious cake bought for a birthday gift. Well wrapped and presented. Very decadent and well worth the price tag. Lovely cake


Beautifully made and presented highly highly recommend, will be ordering again

So tasty

Really fudgey brownies and the cheesecake was just right both in amount and cheesecakeyness. Would buy again!

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really a tasty and satisfying blondie really is such a tasteful mouthful all flavours compliment each other highly recommend and as always so much care go into each one made

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