Gift Ideas - 12 Sticky Toffee Brownies (NEW)

12 Sticky Toffee Brownies (NEW)

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These brownies are gooey, sticky and incredibly chocolatey. What else could you ask for from Brownie Heaven? Sticky toffee pudding is a classic dessert, and this brownie tribute also elevates you to Dessert Heaven when served warm with ice cream. What makes these brownies extra special are the chopped dates and added mixed spice, which adds that extra kick to the gooey taste. We guarantee this will be a thumbs up dessert from all the family.

Ingredients :  

Dark Belgium Chocolate (Min 70% Cocoa Butter), Italian Unsalted White Butter, Brown Sugar, Free Range Eggs, Italian Patisserie Flour, Chopped Dates, Mixed Spice.


Our Brownies are delivered in special quality hard constructed gift boxes, with the Brownies enclosed in plastic wrap, if you write your message in the comments section this will be specially printed and enclosed in the box.